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Thursday Jul 3rd 2014

Miso Noodle Bar Review – Croydon High Street, London


My boyfriend and I tried out Miso Noodle Bar in Croydon High Street the other weekend after a bit of shopping. Also it was a great excuse to try out my new camera. They serve a whole range of Asian dishes, including Chinese, Thai and Japanese. The name is a little misleading as it gives the impression that they only serve noodles (it probably did when it first started). We went just a bit after lunch on a Sunday so the place was pretty empty. I’m not sure how busy it gets during lunch and dinner hours. We each got […]

Thursday Jun 19th 2014

The start of a juice detox


I’ve decided to start a juice detox/diet to cleanse my body and lose some weight at the same time. I’ve been preparing myself for a little while by cutting down on food consumption. My grocery shopping last night consist of vegetables, fruits, a juicer and some airtight water bottles. Lots of vegetables and fruits As soon as I got home with all the bits, I made a green juice right away to test it out. I put in two apples, half a cucumber, two celery sticks, a cup of spinach, a small slice of ginger and a half a lime. […]

Sunday May 25th 2014

Bone Daddies Review: Japanese Ramen bar in Soho


You are about to embark on another food review with me. Just a word of warning, if you’re hungry right now and love ramen then you might not want to scroll down too far. Onto the review…. Bone Daddies in Soho, London is the place for this blog entry. I was introduced to it quiet a long time ago but decided to visit it again recently. Bone Daddies is a Japanese style ramen bar that is known for their rich flavour soup bases. I actually rarely order ramen let alone go to a ramen bar. I usually find ramen to […]

Saturday May 3rd 2014

The Wholefood Heaven – Buddha Bowl review


The Whitecross Street Food Market (near Barbican, London) is one of my favourite places to buy lunch. The market is full is amazing food from all round the world. One of my favourite stall is the Wholefood Heaven van ran by David and Charlotte Bailey. They serve this super delicious, vegan and gluten free curry dish which they call the Buddha Bowl. The dish contains organic brown rice with a potato and tofu creamy coconut curry which is topped with pickled carrots, streamed greens and seeds. You can buy a small one for £4.50 and a larger one for £5. […]

Wednesday Apr 30th 2014

Keep your home clean in just 10mins


photo credit: yvestown via photopin cc The boyfriend and I both work full time Mondays to Fridays. Weekends are the only days we have any free time and that’s when grocery shopping and chores use to happen, but that wasn’t working for us. A weekly big clean could take up to two hours and can be very tiring. If we’re out till late on the weekends then it just delays the clean for another week. We took on the approach of spreading the chores out into small chunks over the week has really helped us to keep our flat clean at […]